Medical Neurology Conference

The Medical Neurology Conference focused on: “STROKU, Risk Factors and Challenges of Treatment”.

Cerebrovascular ailments in adults account for 5-10% of cases with # STROKE and remain one of the top 10 causes of deaths at these ages. They often present a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge for clinicians with an average 35.7 hours of recognition for new patients.
Occupy first place in general disability and in developing countries occupy second place in overall mortality. It is most commonly under the age of 45 and over 45.

The conference highlighted the special problems of STROKE at younger ages such as frequency, threatening factors, symptoms, topicality, and the importance of accurate and timely diagnosis.
These and others were discussed in this conference focusing on the organization of first intensive care when these vascular brain stroke occurs through the COMPREHENSIVE AND TROMBECTIC STROKE CENTER (which the American Hospital has in the most modern and contemporary formats) with thrombolysis , thrombectomy and neurosurgical and neuroradiological interventions contemporary, saving the life of new patients.

We welcome you to the next Conference, 30 May 2019!

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